Could a new UK law send homeowners straight to hydrogen boilers?

Gas distribution networks could soon be given the authority to enter people’s homes and install hydrogen boilers without their consent, as part of a hydrogen trials programme

Gas distribution networks (GDNs) could soon be given the power to force people on to hydrogen boilers without their consent.

This comes as an Energy Bill is set to appear in the House of Commons today – under the proposed law, GDNs will be authorised to enter any individual’s home for any purpose linked to a hydrogen heating trial if they reside within the marked zone.

The government has stated that nobody will be compelled to use hydrogen and anticipates that GDNs will only utilise their powers of entry as a last resort.

A Department for Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson said: “The hydrogen heating village trial will deliver essential evidence to inform the government’s strategic decisions in 2026 on the role of hydrogen in decarbonising heat.

“No trials will take place without strong local support. This will be a critical factor in the final selection of the trial location, and the rights of consumers will be protected before, during and after the trial.”

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