Wind power-ed: UK wind farms blow away competition with record Bank Holiday output

UK wind farms produced over 50% of the country’s energy demand on Monday, surpassing nuclear and gas power sources

On Easter Monday, UK wind farms generated an impressive 13.70GW of power, which made up 58.10% of the country’s overall demand – significantly more than any other source.

According to Grid Carbon, at 11.15pm on Monday, wind power alone produced 12.6GW of electricity, which equated to 52.2% of demand. In comparison, nuclear power generated 4.7GW, while gas generated 3.7GW.

By 2.40pm on Monday, wind and solar energy accounted for 55% of the UK’s total electricity production, with nuclear power contributing almost 16%.

Meanwhile, fossil gas generation remained at a meagre 8.3%, resulting in a carbon intensity of just 59 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour.

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