UK and Korea collaborate against Putin’s power moves

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps has visited Seoul, South Korea, to strengthen collaboration on renewables and nuclear

The UK and the Republic of Korea will work together on accelerating the energy transition. 

During his trip, Shapps highlighted the UK’s joint solidarity with the Republic of Korea against Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and urged them to work towards energy independence from Russia’s gas supply.

Shapps also emphasiSed the investment opportunities in the UK’s renewable energy sector and encouraged the Republic of Korea to join the “Powering Past Coal Alliance.”

The UK represents 60% of Korean offshore wind engineering contracts and Korea is investing in projects supporting the offshore wind industry in the UK.

Shapps also agreed on a joint statement of cooperation with Dr Lee Chang-Yang, Minister of Trade Industry and Energy in the Republic of Korea, on advancing civil nuclear power generation, which includes safety standards and regulation.

The Energy Security Secretary argued that transitioning towards renewables and away from fossil fuels will further isolate Putin’s Russia and boost the energy security of both the UK and the Republic of Korea.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps said: “Russia’s gas – just like the president himself – belongs in the past. As we edge closer towards the tipping point when holding onto coal and gas power no longer makes economic sense, let alone environmental sense, there is ever-greater opportunity for British and Korean companies to work together, for the benefit of both countries and our communities.

“I want the Republic of Korea to work ever closer with us in the UK, making the most of world-leading British expertise to move further and faster towards greater use of renewables, of opportunities in the UK to invest, and to redouble our efforts against Putin’s weaponising of our global energy sources.”

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