G7 leaders unite to boost renewable energy deployment

The G7 has committed to significantly increasing renewable energy capacity and investing in innovative technologies to achieve net zero by 2050

The G7 aims to expand renewable energy globally and bring down costs by strengthening capacity, including collective increases in offshore wind capacity and solar PV.

The G7 energy ministers met in Sapporo, Japan to discuss renewable energy and its importance in the decarbonisation of economies.

To boost renewable energy on a global scale and decrease expenses, the G7 will increase offshore wind capacity by 150GW by 2030, based on existing targets of each country.

The G7 also plans to increase solar PV to over 1TW by 2030, utilising existing targets and policy measures as suggested by IEA and IRENA.

Countries will also ask the IRENA to prepare an analysis of innovation and sustainability in floating offshore wind.

The G7 will improve system flexibility by reinforcing grids, using stand-alone systems and mini-grids, and modernising energy storage systems and demand-side management.

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