UK suppliers prepare for high energy switching volumes

Energy suppliers have been advised to ready for increased energy switching volumes as the market stabilises this year

More energy customers are predicted to change their suppliers in the coming months.

Energy UK has just published a new guide with tips for companies that have committed to the Energy Switch Guarantee (ESG).

In 2022, there were fewer people switching their energy providers, but that’s expected to change as the market stabilises in 2023 and beyond.

Acknowledging the potential surge in inter- and intra-supplier switching, the new guide emphasises the need for suppliers to be fully prepared.

The new report advises companies to be clear and honest with their customers, providing all the necessary information about tariffs and the switching process.

They should also train their staff to be helpful and responsive to customer queries.

Among the ESG signatories are British Gas, Bulb, EDF Energy, E.ON Next, Octopus Energy, Outfox the Market, Shell Energy, So Energy and OVO Energy.

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