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Majority of UK homeowners clueless about heat pumps

A survey reveals nearly 59% of UK homeowners lack knowledge about renewable heating technologies

A new survey by the Construction Industry Collective Voice (CICV) shows that nearly 59% of UK homeowners lack the necessary information to transition to renewable heating technologies such as heat pumps confidently.

The polling shows that almost 26% of respondents felt well-informed about these alternatives to traditional heating systems.

The survey revealed regional variations in knowledge about renewable heating technologies. In London, nearly 35% of respondents felt well-informed, the highest rate in the UK.

In contrast, almost 15% of respondents in the North East felt adequately informed. Scotland and Wales reported higher rates, with 24% and 25% respectively.

The survey also highlighted gender disparities in knowledge levels – among respondents, almost 54% of men and nearly 65% of women felt underinformed about transitioning to renewable heating options.

The survey highlights the need for improved public education and outreach to help homeowners make informed decisions.

Alan Wilson, Chair of the CICV and Managing Director of SELECT, said: “Transitioning to renewable heating options involves substantial investment, even with the available grants and funding.

“Therefore, homeowners must be fully informed of not only the environmental benefits but also the practical advantages, such as cost-effectiveness and enhanced heating efficiency.”

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