COP26 Live: Industry reacts to Glasgow draft agreement

Campaigners claim that the first Glasgow Agreement draft is “exceptionally weak”

Big Zero Report 2022

Earlier today, the UN climate agency published a first draft of the decision countries will likely issue at the end of COP26.

Among other proposals, the draft urges signatories to announce by the end of 2022 new targets for slashing emissions over the next decade.

The draft was enough to trigger reactions from campaigners.

Jennifer Morgan, Executive Director of Greenpeace International, said: “What’s very concerning here in Glasgow is that the first draft of the climate pact text is already exceptionally weak. Usually, the text starts with some ambition, which then gets watered down.

“To keep 1.5°C alive, four words must be added: ‘fossil fuels phase out’ and countries must come back next year to close the gap.”

In a tweet, Energy Saving Trust wrote: “The first draft highlights a need for greater collaboration between nations to keep global temperature rises below 1.5°C.

“While good progress has been made, much more can and must be done.

“We look forward to seeing the outcomes of negotiations in the coming days.”

Ed Miliband, Shadow Business and Energy Secretary for Labour Party, said: “The last 24 hours have been a devastating reality check on what has actually been delivered at this summit.

“We are miles from where we need to be to halve global emissions this decade. Boris Johnson needs to stop the spin and confront the reality. Given this summit will not deliver anything like what we needed, now he has to turn to plotting a path out of Glasgow that can keep 1.5°C alive.”

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