How could gas crisis put net zero investments at risk?

More than a third of business leaders are thinking of cancelling or postponing green investments, according to a new survey

Big Zero Report 2022

While businesses and customers are already feeling the pain of rising energy bills because of the spiralling gas prices, net zero investments could be the next victim of the energy crisis.

According to new research by Vattenfall, almost 80% of the UK’s biggest energy users are concerned by the gas crisis and are looking to shelve planned investments to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

These investments could include energy efficiency measures, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and solar panels.

The study of 500 decision makers also shows nearly 36% would consider canceling or postponing investments to deal with the gas crisis.

Stewart Dawson, Managing Director of Vattenfall Networks, said: “Networks are the glue which holds together the pieces of the net zero puzzle.

“Business across the UK are clearly alive to the need to tackle climate change and reach net zero. But without the right investment in their networks and systems, plans to switch to electric vehicles and increase their self-generation will have to be shelved if their networks cannot cope.”

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