National Grid ESO issues Capacity Market Notice and cancels it

The notice was triggered yesterday for a brief time

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National Grid ESO issued a Capacity Market Notice (CMN) yesterday and cancelled it a few hours later.

National Grid which is responsible for ensuring supply and demand are balanced issues this notice when Britain’s electricity supply margin is below a threshold set out in Capacity Market Rules.

It is the second CMN of the winter and like the previous one in December was very quickly cancelled.

Commenting on the CMN issued by National Grid ESO, Tom Greatrex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, said: “The UK continues to be at the mercy of volatile gas markets, which is driving up emissions and bills.

“Paying upwards of £4,000/MWh for electricity is unsustainable and unaffordable and the repeated warnings over our power suppliers underline the urgent need for new nuclear capacity alongside renewables.

“We need a solid foundation of reliable, always-on, emissions-free power to protect our energy security. Without it, prices will continue to rise and decarbonisation targets will be missed.”

A National Grid ESO spokesperson told ELN: “A CMN was triggered for a brief time this afternoon. It does not mean there was a risk to the security of electricity supply – it only indicates that the surplus above the forecast demand and operating margin four hours ahead was briefly less than 500MW.

“A CMN is triggered automatically based on specific industry data, and serves as a reminder to capacity market providers to pay attention to further notices or instructions that may appear from us.”

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