Boris Johnson arrives in Saudi Arabia in bid to sever ties with Russian oil

The Prime Minister reportedly aims to persuade Gulf states to increase their own oil and gas production

The Prime Minister has today arrived at Abu Dhabi to meet with leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as he seeks to find alternatives to Russian oil supplies.

Boris Johnson is expected to talk about ways to ensure energy security and stability of the global energy market.

Mr Johnson said: “We face a new reality, which we have to confront together with our allies.

“I am visiting Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who are key partners in ensuring regional security and stabilising global energy markets after Russia’s unprecedented, brutal and illegal invasion.”

It is believed he will use his trip to convince Gulf states to further boost their own production of oil and gas.

However, the Prime Minister has faced criticism for this trip as it comes days after Saudi Arabia conducted a mass execution of 81 men.

The Labour Leader, Sir Keir Starmer said that “going cap in hand from dictator to dictator is not an energy strategy.”

The government is expected to unveil a new energy supply strategy in the coming days.

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