Britain smashes another flexibility record

A 31% increase in the tendered distribution network flexibility has been recorded in the last 12 months, according to the Energy Networks Association

A total of 3.7GW has been contracted by the national electricity distribution networks freeing up this volume of capacity on the networks during peak times of demand.

New figures from the Energy Networks Association (ENA) reveal that Britain has broken flexibility records for four years running.

The report suggests that in the past 12 months 3.7GW of distribution network flexibility has been tendered, an increase of 31% since last year and a 76% increase since 2020.

The ENA has said freeing up almost 4GW of capacity is equivalent to supporting the connection of more than half a million 7kW electric vehicle charge points or providing electricity to more than four million homes across the UK.

Farina Farrier, Head of Open Networks at ENA, said: “Britain’s energy networks are powering forward further and faster than ever in expanding flexibility across the grid.

“As we transition towards a smarter and more flexible energy system, flexibility will increasingly play a key role, with the network geared towards facilitating a two-way relationship between consumer and grid.”

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