Renewables to provide stability services to grid for first time

National Grid ESO will procure stability services from renewable generators

Big Zero Report 2022

Starting from today, wind, solar and wave generators will be able to provide stability services to the grid.

Until now, only conventional generators delivered this kind of service.

As confirmed today by the National Grid ESO, the change to the grid code aims to enable a new market in stability services, unlocking the potential for renewables to support the grid.

The system operator said interested generators could now prepare their equipment to meet the required specification to be able to join the procurement process for system services, including providing inertia and frequency support.

Tony Johnson, who led the project for National Grid ESO’s Markets team, said: “This is a breakthrough moment, a key piece in the energy transition jigsaw, that will ensure we can operate a fully decarbonised grid and deliver on our net zero commitments.

“It’s the culmination of up to ten years of thinking and working with stakeholders to find the common ground between what equipment is capable of doing and what the system needs.

“It also ensures that as we transition away from conventional fossil-fuelled generation, we can operate the grid securely and efficiently, which will ultimately save consumers money.”

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